Version 1
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    Content Content: ModerationJIVE-75830S2Unauthorized error displayed to a Moderator for deleted ideas
    Content Content: ModerationJIVE-75681S2Deleted ideas are not removed from moderation queue
    ActivityActivity: NewsJIVE-72900S2When News is disabled, Inbox is missing from the top navigation bar
    Records RetentionJIVE-71594S2When file size limits are increased to allow very large file sizes, Records Retention emails can cause performance problems on the server
    Activity Activity: NewsJIVE-71097S2News and News Stream display different pages: /news and /news?channel=news
    People People: BrowsingJIVE-69594S2When using the API to follow a user, Hovercard and Following filter when browsing people do not show the followed user
    Places Places: ThemingJIVE-67258S2Simple Theme: Using Basic Navigation header causes problems in responsive design
    Content RTEJIVE-67032S2Code syntax highlighting not applied to text after clicking publish
    Content Content: Moderation People: Moderation SearchJIVE-66899S2When username is set to be email address, Moderated content filtering ignores the username
    RTE RTE: FormattingJIVE-66374S2Syntax Highlighted text loses formatting when published
    Content Content: Document ConversionJIVE-66343S2Document preview doesn't correctly display graphs created with ThinkCell in Microsoft PowerPoint
    Content Content: TasksJIVE-66329S2Disabling Create Project in Custom Permissions disables the ability to complete a task on task page
    Content Mobile: ResponsiveJIVE-66268S2Responsive Web doesn't show the password strength requirements
    Places Places: BrowsingJIVE-65880S2Ampersands in Place Categories don't display properly
    Content Content: DocumentsJIVE-65815S2Uploaded images break when using non-root context
    Content Content: Photo AlbumJIVE-65725S2Cannot select Photo Albums in Content Sets tile
    SearchCUSTOM-1437S2Spotlight Search hangs when showing preview text in Firefox
    Activity StreamsNewsCUSTOM-1392S2News Stream: Using the create profile filter does not add new users to stream
    SearchCUSTOM-1354S2Browse > Places > Projects tab > "Filter by Text" does nothing
    SearchCUSTOM-1249S2Spotlight search that contains a comma errors out if you search in a specific place
    PeopleCUSTOM-1235S2V3 API: System Error when getting people/@all with Oracle DB and MSSQL
    External StorageCUSTOM-1200S1Unable to get document preview when the binary file is stored in Google Drive
    Jive Platform APIsCUSTOM-1195S2Inability to Insure Tile Focus after adjustHeight() for Custom View Tile
    I18n & l10n Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-1149S2Image gallery tile is not internationalized
    RTECUSTOM-1094S1IE11 general slowness after 20 minutes editing content
    NewsCUSTOM-897S2Filter by Status Updates doesn't work on News Stream
    Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-863S2Key Dates tile configuration doesn't match the display when timezone set to GMT - 10
    RTECUSTOM-732S2Text shifts in editor causing scrollbar to appear/disappear while typing.
    Content External StorageCUSTOM-725S2Timestamp of Google document does not change even after modifying
    Authentication PeopleCUSTOM-694S2Admin Console: Federated user search filter doesn't work on sites connected to LDAP
    MobileCUSTOM-689S2Unable to view uploaded files in iOS Jive Mobile app after renaming them
    ContentPlacesCUSTOM-638S2Browsing places sort by latest activity returns out of order results
    Document ConversionCUSTOM-380S2Document preview fails due to cache issues on the doc convert nodes
    Activity StreamsCUSTOM-153S2Very intermittently, menus show incorrect text and buttons
    ContentCUSTOM-136S2All registered users see the option to create a space, but they don't actually have permission
    ContentCUSTOM-122S2Statics synchronization task fails too soon, silently
    ContentCUSTOM-120S1Video macro not working for Kaltura videos
    SearchCUSTOM-84S2When Groups and Spaces share a widely used term within their name, and the Groups search results outweighs the Spaces search results, Spotlight search does not display the yellow banner containing the Space's name
    Places ThemingCUSTOM-59S2Jive 8 theme changes are not applying to Getting Started or Browse unless the page is reloaded