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    Hello All,


    We have a clustered environment set up with 2 App nodes and 1 cache and 1 Search and 1 Activity Engine.  We have 2 customized plugins which we have to deploy into the application. We followed the below steps to achieve the same:


    1. Bring down the app nodes A and B. A being the senior member

    2. Since the plugin was already deployed in both the nodes , we removed the exploded folders  from both the nodes  rm -rf <<plugin-folder-name>>

    3. we deployed the jar into the ~/applications/sbs/home/plugins folder of both the nodes.

    4. The servers were brought up ,A being the first and with a delay of 1 minute the cluster member B.


    Issue faced:


    - We can see the changes in the exploded folder in both the nodes , but the changes are not visible in the application.

    - We tried restarting multiple times but in vain.




    - We brought down the cache and cluster

    - We had to delete the entry from the database(I am not sure why this was needed , but eventually this fixed the issue)

    - We removed the already exploded jars from both the nodes A and B.

    - We deployed the plugin into the senior member A.

    - Cache service was started and then App node A was brought up


    We could now see the changes reflecting in node A. As expected ,when we brought the node B (the copy of the plugin from A was now available here) , changes were reflecting here as well.


    We need help in understanding


    -Is it necessary to delete entry in database everytime we deploy plugins in a clustered environment.

    - Are we missing any steps here.


    Please guide.





    cc : Pradeep Kumar Ryan Rutan