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    All, on Monday Jan 25th, I'll host a CMAD Hangout,


    Logisitcs: 9am GMT (aka 10am CET) ... In know, it's a bit early for a Monday

    Topic: Succeed with purposeful Programs on your Communities

    Abstract: "If you build it, they will come" rarely works in Community Management. Without Program Ownership, without a specific and compelling shared purpose, collaboration doesn't succeed.


    Any of you willing to join as a panelist? add a comment on this very doc (and to the Google Event)

    (also looping in Jive Internal Communities members, a world I'm less familiar with, but that sure can come with very compelling stories)



    Matt Laurenceau (host)

    headshot, Matt currently is Community Strategist at BMC Software, helping Customers achieve Digital Transformation way faster, leveraging experience from thousands of other Community members to make IT fast, seamless and optimized for Digital Business.

    Matt on Google+,, BMC Software, Community Strategist,

    Alan Lepofsky (co-host)

    headshot, Alan lives in Toronto and work as an analyst at Constellation Research where he covers the collaboration software industry.



    Prior to joining Constellation in Oct. 2011, Alan was the Director of Marketing at Socialtext (from June 2008). Before that, he worked at IBM for 14+ years.

    Alan on Google+,, Constellation Research, VP and Principal Analyst - Collaboration Software,

    Elise Bruchetheadshot, Elise leads Digital Marketing and Enterprise Social Business for Devoteam, Elise Bruchet - Google+ , Elise Bruchet (@elisebruchet) | Twitter , Devoteam, Digital Marketing Director,
    Nikhil Nulkar

    headshot,I am currently working on improving employee experience design, reimagining the workplace processes, structure and culture at an organizational level with a focus on collaboration and hyper-integrated internal IT landscape,

    Nikhil on Google+,, Tata Consulting Services (TCS), Social Media & Workplace Reimagination Consultant,

    (Sharon) Lina PEARCE

    headshot -

    I am working on increasing member interaction including

    • more effective content improving the exchange of ideas & knowledge by improving the initial communication
    • online networking optimizing social to find the best people to give expert feedback

    Sharon Lina Pearce on Google+

    Alcatel-Lucent, Enterprise Community Manager,



    We'll prep by listing Questions that will help productive discussions for this 50min CMAD Hangout on Air (focused enough to be tweeted)

    1. What are the low hanging fruits you started with on your Communities? (key Programs that we can all begin with)
    2. Can you share stories on Programs that failed and lessons learnt?
    3. Do you have private and public Programs? And stories on synergies you created?
    4. If you end up with a maze of focused Programs, how to orientate users?
    5. What balance do you have between User Generated Content, informal Vendor Content, and Branded content?
    6. What mapping and granularity do you have between Communities and Programs? 1:1, 1:n, n;n?
    7. How is the changing face of community management and role of community managers affecting programs?


    should you have perspective to share on key questions to ask, go ahead, comment or edit the doc directly! (we can probably have up to 7 questions)