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    Hey everyone! I have a special request for all of you...


    Become a guest blogger for JiveWorld!


    We are ramping up for JiveWorld16 and I am in the process of pulling the community activities together. One of the things we'd like to do this year is sign up members to write guest blogs for JiveWorld! These will be featured in the community, on our home page, as well as on our social channels.


    All you have to do is sign up to blog about a particular JIveWorld session, attend that session, then submit your blog into the [ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16 group during the JiveWorld event or shortly thereafter. Did I also mention that you don't have to be a fabulous writer to sign up to blog? Even if you want to add 15 bullets points around "what I learned at this session" we would love to have your post. Ideally blogs should be posted within 48 hours of the session itself but if you are pressed for time, blogs can be submitted any time after JiveWorld (I won't turn any appropriate blogs away even if I get them a week later).


    Here's how to sign up


    If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, you simply have to indicate which session you will be attending that you would like to blog about.



    Monday, March 14
    7:30am - 7pmJive 101 (Boot Camp)Adina Schoeneman
    9am - 12:30pmIntegrations the Jive Way
    9am - 12:30pmAdvanced Engagement - Internal BreakoutLori Harrison-Smith
    9am - 12:30pmAdvanced Engagement - External Breakout
    9am - 12pmJive Healthcare Summit – Morning Sessions
    1pm - 4:45pmJive Healthcare Summit – Afternoon Sessions
    1:30pm - 5pmDesign in the cloud: Tips, tricks and hacksScott Dennis
    1:30pm - 5pmLevel up: Getting the most out of gamification
    1:30pm - 5pmAdvanced Measurement
    Tuesday, March 15
    8:30am - 10amJive World Keynote

    John Cloyd

    Emilie Kopp (writing for Jive)

    Breakout Sessions: 10:30am - 11:30am
    Advanced Community Management – Becoming a Community Ninja: 5 Secrets of Community Black OpsStephanie Standring
    Custom Workflow in the Cloud
    Design @ Jive: Evolving to Meet the Needs of Every User
    Moving Beyond Forums – Integrated Marketing for External Jive Communities
    2016 Jive Developer Platform KeynoteRenee Carney
    Working Out Loud: Driving adoption while tapping into employees’ intrinsic motivation to make work better

    Dennis Pearce

    G. Brett Miller

    Breakout Sessions: 1pm - 2pm
    Best Practices to Prevent and Moderate SpamRenee Carney
    Getting Started with the Jive iPaaS
    Pick me, engage me, thrill me! Getting and keeping your audience engaged
    Transitioning from Hosted to Cloud
    What Have You Done For Me Lately? Challenges for mature communitiesDina Vekaria-Patel
    What’s New: Jive REST API & Analytics IntegrationsG. Brett Miller
    Achieving business goals with integrations: On Use cases, and people
    Breakout Session: 2:15pm - 3:15pm
    Advanced Community Management – Culture of Innovation – Collaborative Use Cases for CrowdsourcingTim Sphar
    Building Jive Add-Ons Your Way

    Changing How We Communicate

    Renee Carney

    Integrating with Salesforce, Aha!
    Conversations For Good – Building Better Partnerships
    What’s New: Integrated User Experiences in JiveThomas Lady
    Engagement @ Jive: Applying Psychology and Economics to Your Customers’ and Employees’ ExperiencesStephanie Standring
    Breakout Sessions: 3:45 - 4:45pm
    Moving from Widgets to Tiles (Michelle)

    Michelle Gantt

    G. Brett Miller

    Advanced Gamification to Drive Engagement and Business OutcomesStephanie Standring
    Getting Executives EngagedMaren Beckman
    PwC HeForShe powered by Jive – Putting the social in social corporate responsibility with an interactive community
    Tech Talk: Future of Microservices & iPaaS
    Unleashing the Power of Simple Stream Integrations in JiveThomas Lady

    Cloud @ Jive : Top 5 Considerations in Migrating to Cloud – How listening to our customers helped improve our Security

    Architecture and Innovation in Cloud

    Wednesday, March 16
    8:30am - 10amJive World Keynotes

    John Cloyd

    Libby Taylor (writing for Jive)

    Breakout Sessions: 10:30am - 11:30am
    Connecting Jive Analytics with Marketing Systems to Prove the Value of Your External Community
    Tech Talk: Developing and deploying Java-based microservices in Kubernetes
    Knowledge Base Innovation and Integration: The Success of the athenahealth Resource HubChristy Schoon
    Merging Jive instances with Schneider Electric
    The Customer-Centric Organization

    Deborah de Freitas

    G. Brett Miller

    Customer and Partner Communities: Improving Your Company’s Brand Experience
    Breakout Sessions: 1pm - 2pm
    Measurement Techniques to Prove Adoption & Value – Part One


    G. Brett Miller

    Building a new world in a jungle made of red tape – How RBC maintains and enhances its Jive installation
    Developer Tips: Building Quick Solutions on the Jive Platform
    Powering the RSA Social Conversation with Technical ContentHannan Saltzman
    Journey to CloudScott Shive
    Old Dog, New Tricks: Adding Features to Jive Cloud
    Analytics @ Jive: Measuring Your Customers’ and Employees’ JourneysTim Sphar
    Breakout Sessions: 2:15pm - 3:15pm
    Integrating Your Jive Community with Your Digital StrategyLibby Taylor
    Bedsider U – Utilizing Jive-x for college based advocacy
    JiveWorld16 Tri-Hackathon Open Hack
    The Power & Value of Communities at Akamai Technologies
    What comes first? Culture or Jive?Thomas Lady
    Interactive Intranets @ Jive: Taking The Employee Experience To The Next Level
    Breakout Sessions: 3:45pm - 4:45pm
    Everything you always wanted to know to benchmark your community (Advanced Measurement Part Two)Jill Ross
    Jive Developer Town Hall
    Public vs. private – balancing privacy, security and community in Jive-X
    Your Adoption Secret WeaponSusan Rubio
    Navigating on-premise implementations of Jive-n and Jive-xTodd Nilson
    Mobile @ Jive: Appifying The Intranet For Task-Oriented Activities
    Recapping JiveWorld
    Want to recap your JiveWorld experience? Sign up here!Deborah de Freitas
    Want to recap your JiveWorld experience? Sign up here!Tim Sphar


    In the meantime, if you are generally interested in blogging and know you will be attending JiveWorld, feel free to comment on this doc and I'll circle back around with you later.


    If you need a blog template, check this one out: Jive Community Blog Template With SEO Tips


    One last thing


    This schedule is subject to some tweaking in the final weeks, so be sure to double-check what you signed up for and keep track of whether or not you'll still be able to attend when you are at the conference. I will try to keep this schedule synced but it's hard to keep track of everything sometimes!