Version 6


    This document details the Jive PS created Author Change Add-On and legacy plugin, its use, and its general FAQ.


    What is the Author Change Add-On?

    The Author Change Add-On allows an administrative user to change the author that a piece of content was written by.  This is useful if you have frequently used or high impact content that was authored by a user that has left the company.  The Author Change app would allow the user that appears to be the author of the content to someone else who will be responsible for the content and its upkeep.  They will receive any further acclaim and comment notifications on the content from that time forward.  This only changes native Jive documents and will not work for uploaded files or other content types.



    How is this different than the Delegate Access / Ghost Blog functionality?

    Author Change exists to change the author of any existing document.  Ghost Blogging is specifically for content that needs to be collaborated on or approved before it can be posted initially as a specific user.  The main difference is that Author Change is for cleanup and maintenance, and Ghost Blog is for content collaboration previous to posting it.


    Why is the Add-On only available for Jive Cloud/8+?

    This App relies on functionality and API calls that were only introduced in 8c3.  Therefore only Jive Cloud and Jive 8 will work.


    How can I get the Add-On?

    Contact your Jive representative for costs and more information.

    How does the Add-On work?

    A Full Access user will install the Author Change app before use.  This will add a couple of App Actions on the right hand side that will provide the ability to change authors, and see the change log for the doc.








    What content types are supported?

    Only Documents can have their author reassigned.


    Do the points and acclaim change to the new owner as well?

    No.  No point transfer is associated with the author change.  Any comments or acclaim from the moment of reassignment on will count for the new user.


    Who can use this app?

    Only users with Full Access permissions to the community will be able to utilize this functionality.


    Are author changes tracked?

    Yes.  Each time this app is used an event is recorded in the Jive Audit Log.  You can also click "Change Owner History" on any document to view the change log for that particular document.


    Can all content from a deactivated user be re-assigned to another user in bulk?

    No.  At this time the Author Change app only works for a single specified piece of content at a time.