Version 2

    Hello Texas!


    As of today, I am taking the reins as your Texas User Group leader. I am so excited to be a part of the sharing, learning, and collaborating experience! I have met many of you in recent User Group meet-ups, and even more of you in Vegas, and I can say with certainty that Texas is a good place to be for Jive customers. There are lots of us from Austin, DFW, Houston, San Antonio, and everywhere in between.


    I am an Online Community Manager at RadioShack Corporation in Fort Worth, TX. I co-lead our Internal and External communities with Rachel Duran, and we are led by Shauna Burd. I handle most of the back-end Jive responsibilities. Permissions, development strategy, structure, plugins, SSO, and all that good stuff falls under my umbrella. RadioShack's internal community is called RS Connect. We opened up on April 29th of this year and we have since surpassed 23,000 registered users. We use our community in a really unique way: on the sales floor, when our associates are helping our customers. We connect the brain power of all our associates using Jive! Check out Shauna's JiveWorld 14 Presentation Connect the Dots: How RadioShack created viral internal engagement for some more information.


    One of my favorite parts of the Texas User Group (and the User Group meetings) is sharing stories. What unique use cases have you used? What is a crazy things have you tried in your communities...and did they work? We don't always get the "Jive Talk Fix" from talking to the person sitting next to us, so it is good to be able to talk shop. I'm thrilled to be able to share and learn more with you.


    Keep your eyes out for more information about in-person Texas User Group sessions, similar to what we've done before, coming in Feb 2015. I'll ask a few questions in this group to get a feel for what the group is looking to do as far as location, half- or full-day, and topics. I encourage your participation in these information gathering threads, as it will help define the shape of our community! Here's to a very exciting Texas User Group time.


    Jive on.