Version 7


    This document details the Admin Essentials functionality, its history, and the differences between the plugin solution and the Cloud/upgrade friendly Add-On solution that are available.


    What is it?

    Admin Essentials is available as a plugin and an Add-On.  They add several useful features not available in the core product interface including changing social group URLs, and bulk adding users to social groups (by username, id, or email address).  The plugin also has several additional features detailed below.

    • The Plugin: The Admin Essentials Plugin is available for Jive 6, 7 and 8.
    • The Add-On: Though it doesn't have full feature parity yet with the plugin, the Add-On is a Jive Cloud and beyond upgrade friendly Add-On that is available.


    What does it do?

    The Admin Essentials Add-On app allows group administrators the option to add users to the group while skipping the general invitation/accept/approval process for group membership.  Users can be added in bulk to social groups and the URL of the social group can also be changed.


    The History of the Admin Essentials tools

    This plugin was originally developed by Ryan Rutan as a free plugin to add an array of tools and administrative functions to add helpful tools into the product.  A few of the features have been rolled into the core product or have been replaced by more advanced functionality.  As his role is now Development Evangelist he will be focusing his time on the Jive Developer community and no longer personally maintaining this functionality.


    How do I get it?

    Contact your Jive sales representative for details.


    Important note about support for this plugin

    This plugin will not be available beyond Jive 7.  Starting in Jive Cloud and Jive 8 only the Add-On solution will be available.


    How do I access the features once I have it installed?

    Note that it is different if you have the plugin based solution or the Add-On based solution.


    The Add-On

    In order to access the add-on's features, you will need to to be a member of Admin Essentials App Admins user group that was previously setting by Jive Professional Services when they installed the addon. Only members of this user groups can access the add-on. This is configurable though. You can re-map the permission to a different user group or to all registered users in Addons page (See The specified item was not found.).


    In a social group, click Manage > Settings.  Then click the gear icon to change the advanced social group settings (like which content types are available for this group).





    The Plugin

    Visit the Admin Console > Admin tab.


    What is the difference between the plugin and the add-on?

    The plugin and the add-on do not have feature parity.  It is important to note that the plugin has several features that the add-on does not.

    FeatureDescriptionPlugin AvailabilityAdd-On Availability
    Rename Social GroupAllows a group administrator to change the name and URL of the social group
    Bulk Add Users to Social GroupAllows a group administrator to add users in bulk to a social group, skipping any invitation or approval process
    Add Users to Social Group (no invite process)Allows a group administrator to individually add users to a social group, skipping any invitation or approval process
    Social Group Permission SyncSyncs a Jive Permission Group to a Social Group membership
    Auto-Group Membership ApprovalAutomatically approves group membership into private groups without the group administrators intervention
    Auto-Question MarkAutomatically changes any discussion in specified containers into a question
    Auto-Categorization/Tag SyncAutomatically matches any tags that are categories and adds the categories, or vice versa with categories to tags
    Federate/Unfederate UsersAllows an administrator to toggle a users federation status on or offAvailable out of the box
    Bulk Add Users to Permission GroupAllows an administrator to paste a comma separated list of many users to add to a permission group at once
    Auto-Follow containers to InboxAllows an administrator to force a user to follow specified Places to their InboxAvailable through the Jive Auto-Follow Extension
    Auto-User Signup ApprovalAutomatically approves newly signed up users unless they are on the blacklisted domains list (controlled by wildcard rules)
    Reset Place OverviewAllows an administrator to reset the Overview page of a Place if a widget has broken something (Workaround for bug JIVE-3715)Bug fixed.  No longer necessary.