• Manually Awarding Badges - Notification?

    Hi all,   In Jive Rewards when you manually award a badge to a user, is the user notified? Is there a way to turn this on or off?   Thank you!
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  • Creating a bunchball mission triggered by specific tag

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a custom bunchball mission that is triggered by the use of a tag. If so, how is it done?   Thanks! Connor
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  • How to set-up a quest to reward peer networks for answering questions within a group?

    I am configuring Jive Rewards and one of the big use cases that I want to encourage is the answering of colleagues' questions around a subject of expertise.   Let's take an example:   ServiceNow Champion ...
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  • Can I remove myself from a leaderboard of a private group, but not from main community?

    I see that I can take myself out of rewards. And I can revoke points or quests.   But is there a way to take myself out of the rewards for just one group? We have a private group set up for an early adopter prog...
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  • More than one status level badge?

    I would like to apply more than one status level badge in Jive 6.0. Is this possible, please?
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  • Opting out of points

    Good Morning,   One of my community's users recently reached out to staff to ask if she could opt-out of receiving points for our website. Is there a way to make it so users do not earn points or badges? Note: W...
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    created by knarwani
  • Leaderboard tile...?

    I've looked through the list of available tiles while editing the settings of a page community page I'm admin of and there's no option for leaderboard. Specifically, I need the rewards leaderboard for the gamification...
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  • Free Bunchball badge icons?

    Where can I find collections of free Bunchball badge icons (in addition to the default ones) that we can use for custom gamification in our company's Jive community?
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  • Missions required for another mission: if already completed, will members get rewarded?

    Hi, all!   I want to create a mission in Bunchball that has other completed missions as a requirement. If some of those missions are completed before I create my new uber-mission, will members still get rewarded?...
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  • display quest

    I am displaying a 4 buttons in an html tile with each triggering a specific quest.  I don't know how to figure out the href parameter to put into the html to display the desired quest.  How can I figure this...
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  • Can you create an action for mentioning a specific document, discussion, blogpost, etc?

    I see there is one for mentioning specific users, but could I put in metadata to credit the action for @ mentioning a specific piece of content?
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  • Need Nitro MetaData Help!

    Is this the correct configuration in Nitro if I want a mission to consist of joining one specific group?  I am having a hard time figuring out this Nitro interface.  I had just got used to the previous inter...
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  • Can Rewards work with catalog or gift card provider for actual/physical items?

    In bunchball there was an ability to have a catalog of items that could be attained/claimed in a store. In Rewards I understand that there is no 'store'.  Are there any third party integrations/add ons that conne...
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    created by dmudgett
  • Promoting quests to new users

    How do I make a quest automatically show up for a person when they join the community? It seems like I need to promote the quest to them after they sign up?   Thomas Huysers Dahlia Lahiji
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    created by jaytilak1
  • In the new AGM console how do we exclude certain users from the leaderboards?

    I need to confirm what the new process is for removing users from leaderboards on the new AGM. Right now when you go to the user lookup there is no way to edit the Preferences fields or add new ones. Has anyone found ...
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  • Is there any way to see all the available missions in one scroll?

    In the old gamification console we used to get all the assigned missions at top and available missions in bottom of the screen. And it was easy to search available missions and assign manually.Now the problem with ne...
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  • Points for giving a user badge?

    In Jive Rewards, I see that users can now get points when they give someone else a user badge.  However, I don't see that event in any of the strategy missions, which leads me to believe that it can only be done ...
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    created by Dennis Pearce
  • Jive Rewards - Use single event quests for one-off "badges"?

    Hi gamers,   I wanted to confirm a strategy approach for using quests with Jive Cloud Rewards (not Bunchball). If you wanted to [manually] hand out badges for a large number of actions (online or offline) such a...
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  • Is there a Jive rewards store on the roadmap?

    We have migrated from Bunchball to Jive rewards and had to give up our store performance. Is there a Rewards Store on the product roadmap?   Anyone have experience with developing a Jive Rewards Store Plugin?...
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  • Is there a way to make events in quests open in a new window/tab?

    Right now, if you have 3 internal events in a quest (view a doc, comment - all in Jive), when you click one, you're taken to that item in the same window. Hitting back doesn't take you back to the list of events in th...
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