• What happens if you use the reset system botton in the Rewards console?

    Will all points and badges be deleted?
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  • How do I get a report of users and their point totals?

    I am actually trying to get even more specific and get a report by office location (if possible).
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    created by Donna Skoog
  • How do you "reset" the Rewards onboarding quest?

    As we continue to grow and build our community, and there are leadership and other corporate changes, we want our Jive onboarding quest to change. What we've done in the past is to add to or change the default onboard...
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  • Can someone give guidance on creating a Rewards Quest triggered from another system?

    Raj Vachhani and I are working together to try and get completion of a Cornerstone training to trigger the award of a Quest badge in Jive. Wondering if anyone has experience to share, or guidance on URL formatting, et...
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  • Does OOTB User Leaderboard get affected when using AGM?

    We have Advanced Gamification Module (AGM) from Bunchball in Jive 8. However, I would like to confirm if the User Leaderboard from Jive 8 for Places is still legitimate? Is it still reliable or does it get overrided f...
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    created by shirlin
  • Broken badge images

    Hi Jive community,   I just tried programming a new mission in the Nitro console and am unable to upload a badge image.  I have tried using both jpeg and png formats (neither of which I've ever had any issu...
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  • Search for documentation on how to add 3rd party API as an event in a quest

    Hi everyone, My scenario is that my Cloud instance external community wants to automatically award badges to community members who have completed our software training courses and earned a certificate. The courses an...
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  • Bulk award badges in advanced gamification - Bunchball

    Hi,   Does anyone know if it's possible to award badges in bulk using Bunchball advanced gamification? Whether using the admin or through a Jive database method?   Thanks, Kevin
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  • Using Jive Rewards Advocate: repeatable events, restricting content access

    I'm using Jive-X Cloud, Jive Rewards and exploring the Advocates feature in comparison to competitive products such as Influitive for this function specifically.   I've seen Curtis Gross's 2015.3 videos and asso...
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  • Do Featured Quests show on JIVE Daily?

    I can't get any quests to show on the JIVE Daily mobile app & was told that they were JIVE Daily friendly.   Yes or No?   Thank you, Judi
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  • Experiencing issues with rewarding quest manually in Jive Rewards

    I'm having an issue where I'll upload a CSV to manually reward a quest and I receive the below message, but when I check the user's account they have earned rewards and their profile is activated in the rewards system...
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  • Following a space

    Hey all!   I'm in the same boat as many others in trying to create a mission to follow a certain space (Keith Freeman)   I've referenced this article: Cheatsheet: Metadata for specific custom missions&#...
  • Mission leaderboard widget question

    Hello,   We have a question related to the mission leaderboard widget that we hope someone has the answer to.  We noticed that the widget maxes out at 25 people; is there any way to pull a report that will ...
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  • Why doesn't the Team Challenges widget show only the league I want?

    I would like to display a Team Challenges widget in a space and have it display only the league that I have created for people who are active in that space. The name of the league is "Asia" but entering that in the wi...
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    last modified by Ted Hopton
  • How I can make a link between a bunchball quiz and an action or bunchball mission?

    hello all, I created a quiz on bunchball, now i need to propose one mission with this quiz, but i don't  know what procedure should i use. Can you help me please! Thank You in advance,   Afaf  
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  • Can you give access to the Rewards Console without giving Full Admin rights?

    We have some teams looking for more autonomy with the gamification process and I wanted to know if we could give access just to the Jive Rewards console. Thanks!
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  • Cloud Rewards versus Nitro Gamification

    I'm confused on the difference between the new "Cloud Rewards" system and the existing Nitro Gamification.   When I read the following:   Jive Rewards   I see described a parallel game mechanic...
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  • Why do some Top Participants show their Community level and some don't?

    Why do some Top Participants show their Community level and some don't?     We have a few customers asking and I wanted to see if any of you know! Thanks for your help in advance.
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    created by nicoleguzzo
  • Is there any size limit for the file in social groups.

    Hi all,   One of the user in our community trying to upload a file which is of 90Mb .It is showing an error as "File is too large". So I wanted to know whats the size limit accepted in Social groups?
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  • How to deal with community managers at the top of the leaderboard...

    Hello all,   As a community manager, I'm always on our community earning points (because it's my role). Thus, I end up near the top of our leaderboard. Some of our customers see this as an issue and I'm curious ...
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