• Archiving out-of-date content

    We are looking to try and archive some of the old content in our community and we were wondering what some others had done?  We want to have some of the content still be searchable, so any suggestions are greatly...
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  • What are the highest voted ideas for new features on the JC?

    It would be nice to have this either by features not yet implemented, or just a sample from the last 12 months.   I saw Ryan's  comment about "The specified item was not found.."  I understand that jus...
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  • Jive site accessible only to network, otherwise need to log in.

    I would like to know how it would be possible to achieve both of the following: users on our network can access the contents of our Jive site without needing to log in other users cannot unless they log in.   ...
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    created by bwaic
  • Attachments in discussions?

    Would it be possible to have the ability to add attachments to discussions?   My group does a LOT of online troubleshooting of IT issues. It would be very helpful to be able to attach log samples to discussions ...
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