• Is it possible to Publish Content by Email on Jive-n Cloud?

    The specified item was not found. shows it's possible in Jive 8:   Emphasis mine: Configure the connection to an incoming email server so the instance can receive email messages from users. You can enable featur...
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  • Email notification on new content only - not comments

    Hello, I have a question about fine-tuning email notifications to only send a new email when a discussion is created - but NOT when a user comments on the thread.  Does anyone know if that is possible?   W...
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  • Configuring Daily Digests for Action Items, Tasks and Other User Engagements

    Is it possible to configure action item and task notifications so that they repeatedly notify the assigned user on a daily basis until the action is resolved?   Jive 7 Hosted
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  • Customizing email template

    Hi everyone, I'm working on customizing the daily/weekly/monthly email that Jive generates. In the admin console->system->settings->message templates the template provides the following tokens to call:  ...
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  • Email message templates - header/footer image width

    Hi,   I'm working on creating a header and footer image for the Message Templates but didn't know what width I should be designing for.   Thanks.
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  • Best Way to Add Form to an Overview Page That Creates an Email

    What I'd like to be able to do is build a form in a widget that captures user information and their request (5-10 fields) and then puts it in an email to a shared email box/address). I've explored the Forms app, but...
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  • Receiving notifications for document upload

    Hello,   Is there a functionality for receiving notifications only when a document is uploaded in a specific forum, and not when a document is edited? This concerns Jive version 6.0.3.   I found this threa...
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  • Is there a way to receive email alerts for initial post but not the replies?

    A Community Manager pointed out to me that when they post new content and have a lot of simple "congrats" replies, users are being bombarded with emails from the replies and turning them off.   She notes: The...
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  • Outlook email to Jive inbox

    Hi,   I was wondering if there is a way to send an email to a user so that the user could receive a private message within the platform. I know I'm able to reply to the private message email notification I recei...
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  • Can you get email notification via Tag

    I dont think you can but want to check if you guys have a way to get an email notification via following a tag. Or just be able to add a tag to the stream to follow that key work. just like a hash tag?
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  • StreamOnce Docs

    StreamOnce is something I'd like to know more about. I went to the docs link here: http://docs.jivesoftware.com/jive/6.0/community_user/topic/com.jivesoftware.help.jivestreamonce.online/JiveStreamOnce/pd…  ...
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  • Is there a way to send an email to a permission group?

    We would need to be able to send Emails from Jive to a specific permission group.   Is there a simple way of doing it?   We can't rely on notification as the user can disable them.  For example, a maj...
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  • Does the email digest get sent to users who have never logged in?

    We've set up quite a few users on the system and are preparing training and a welcome message.   I just want to check that they won't start getting emails from the system until they have logged in for the first ...
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  • Should 'invite' be a 'direct social action'?

    When playing around with Jive recently I found that the notification system does not quite work in the way I might expect.   One of our users was trying to create a private/closed event. It turns out that if you...
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  • Deliver us from email questions!

    Someone has GOT to have a better idea for how to improve the UX in regard to email notifications!   Jive 5 has done a wonderful job of giving people a better way to deal with notifications/updates. What it has a...
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  • 'Share successful' Missing on Add Recipient to Share

    Adding a recipient to an existing share is not resulting in a 'Share successful' green confirmation. I think this is a little inconsistent with the initial set-up.       When you setup the initial sh...
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