• What's the algorithm for the Popular Content widget?

    I remember talking about this a looooooong time ago, but don't remember what it was, nor do I know if it has been tweaked over time to incorporate some of the newer content interactions. Can anyone point me to an answ...
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  • How can I access my app is my theme doesn't have an Apps tab?

    I don't have an Apps menu (not part of our theme), so I cannot follow the steps in the Curate Tool User Guide, how can I access my Curate Tool?
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  • Question about JiveX page functionality

    I like the layout of this page   https://community.jivesoftware.com/community/training/jive-user-training. I can click on Places and it shows me a sub menu. Can I do this with JiveX? If so, how  
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  • Archiving out-of-date content

    We are looking to try and archive some of the old content in our community and we were wondering what some others had done?  We want to have some of the content still be searchable, so any suggestions are greatly...
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  • App should not open as popup

    Hi all,   A simple jive app in content page, on-click it is opening as popup. App should not be as hyperlink it should be a select drop-down .How can I implement this?   Now-     ...
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  • Control Sharing of content within Private or Secret Groups with Group non-Members?

    If I share content inside  a Private or Secret Group with a user who is not a member of that group - instead of a fail warning, I am presented with a message that says"This user does not have access to the item y...
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  • Filter content "by title" as default setting

    Currently, when searching through content, by default it is set as "Sort by latest activity: newest first."   If a user wanted, to "sort by title", is there a way to set this as a the default setting when view...
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  • One (synchronized) Subspace in multiple Spaces

    Hey everybody,   we´re just arguing about our space-structure within our external hosted jive community. I´d like to ask whether there is the possibility to put ONE dedicated space beneath multiple ...
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  • Any plans to enhance the rich text editor?

    A common theme from our users has been that there are many nuances and difficulties using the editor in Jive 7. As a heavy user myself, I have noticed these first hand too. I should probably start keeping a list of ea...
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  • Option to see who last replied to a discussion

    We recently moved from 4.5 to 6 and lost a key feature. Within the list view for discussions, author is displayed. Internally, there's more value behind the Last Reply [user ID]. Is there another view I can propose to...
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  • How can I change the content type (to PDF) of an existing item?

    As part of a migration to Jive, some of the PDFs that came over didn't actually come over AS PDFs or come over with attachments. We aren't sure why, but we need to move forward regardless.   So after sourcing th...
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  • Allow Moderators to feature content

    Hey everyone! So after a quick search, I've found these two ideas that were created several years ago:       I was wondering if anything has come if these? I would love to be able to set a certain...
  • My Groups widget

    We are seeking a My Groups widget to obviously allow users to navigate quickly and easily to groups they belong to and own, if applicable. It would be placed at the homepage level. Users are most interested in getting...
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  • StreamOnce + Jive7 + Recent Content Widget = I Need A Simple List of Content

    Greetings Jive hivemind!  Hoping collective wisdom can assist me with something I'm trying to figure out.   I'm rocking a Jive 7 sandbox trial and am loving the StreamOnce capability to help capture knowled...
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  • How can we distinguish read and unread content

    In content page is there any way to know if a content is read by current logged in user.
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  • Can I secure a sub section of a document?

    Is there a way to show certain parts of a document only to specific groups? Basically I have Doc A that everyone should see, but there is a sub-note part of Doc A that only Group X should see. How would this be accomp...
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  • Manage versions for uploaded docs & pdfs

    Any plans for the following?   + update the timestamp for content when "show as PDF is selected"? Currently, the original date published appears watermarked in the PDF document and not the most recent version/up...
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  • Anyone Using Jive to Provide Technology Support

    My team (Human Capital Business Analysis & Technology) supports all of our Human Capital applications (e.g., payroll, hr, talent acquisition, help desk, portal, etc.). We want to use Jive to improve the effectiven...
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  • Export content/posts within a space

    I'm looking for information around content curation. We are seeking ways to define to what key topics our members are posting, to learn  content that is deeper than the "Popular Tags" or "Popular Content" widgets...
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  • Is there a way to block user from publishing across the community (open to all)?

    When a user publish a document he can do it in : A specific place His document (hidden) Share it with other users (Specific people) Open to all (The community)   Is there a way to block the user from publish...