• "Allow" list for interceptors?

    Hi Community,   As far as I know, there are only ban lists for moderation interceptors. Are there operators to invert a selection, or is there functionality somewhere to only allow a specified user to post conte...
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  • Customize Favicon

    Hello,   I want to update the Favicon & I am trying to figure out a way to upload an icon image to theme directory. Could someone please guide me on this.   What will be the next step to update the th...
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  • Can I use Jive to develop an external client community?

    Hi - I currently have a 30-day trial.  I am looking for a community platform for our clients.  I'd like something similar to Jive's platform community.  However, from what I can see when looking around,...
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  • Different home pages based off user Type

    I am wondering if anybody has every had different jive home pages for different user types. user case would be when a guest hits community home page for first time I would want them to see different things vs a return...
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  • Upgrade Note: Analytics Database

    Product / Feature name: Analytics DB and Analytics Service in Jive 7 Compatible with: Jive Custom 7, Jive Cloud Release Date: Jive Custom 7, Jive Cloud     Overview: With Jive 7, Jive is introducing a new An...
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  • Document Management problem: Some docs I've created have disappeared.

    They are not showing up as deleted in the Document Management section for the space I created them in. Anybody have any ideas what I might be able to do?   On a related note, being able to search across all spa...
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  • Is it possible to sort people by not-in-the-org-chart-yet?

    I would like to add managers to users who are not in the org chart yet, but cannot find a way to highlight who those users are. Any ideas?
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  • Delete/Recall Direct messages

    We recently had spam over Direct messages. We restricted Direct Messaging to Jive's Twitter-style trust based DM   But users inflicted with the Direct messages are still coming back after a week of the incident...
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  • Is there a way to block user from publishing across the community (open to all)?

    When a user publish a document he can do it in : A specific place His document (hidden) Share it with other users (Specific people) Open to all (The community)   Is there a way to block the user from publish...
  • Overview of all Social Groups?

    Hi there -- is there a place (in the admin console or wherever) that I can view the activity of all of the social groups in our instance? I want to delete the inactive ones...but don't want to have to go through each ...
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    created by lauren.ake
  • Can access to Apps and Connectors be controlled by permissions?

    We have a situation where one class of registered user will need access to both Apps and Connectors and another class of user will need to have both Apps and Connectors disabled.  Is it possible to control this t...
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    created by ben.taub
  • Where is my copy option?

    Hey there,   I've had a few requests for the copy option and I can't figure out how to turn this on. I notice in the Jive community I see a copy option, which we used to have:     In our community I...
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