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Watch the webinar recording to get key updates on:


Security: How we're helping customers avoid costly security attacks and breaches


Compliance: Improvements to uptime, monitoring, and data security for optimal performance and high availability


Product Innovation: An exciting product roadmap including quality improvements, enhanced transaction lifecycle monitoring, and new markets for prospecting data (pre-enrollment historical usage)


New Services: Details on improved Platinum Support and new services for market entries and solution enhancements



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**Note: this is the first blog in a short series where I'll write about the usage of this platform, the things we've achieved in the last year and the plan for 2018.**


At Aurea, we firmly believe that by delivering a better experience to you, you will be empowered to more effectively deliver a differentiated experience to your own customers.  In that light, we are thrilled to introduce you to AureaWorks, our new collaborative customer community, for our Energy customers who leverage our Revenue Lifecycle Management technology (CIS and EDI).


AureaWorks is a place to engage with Aurea's team as well as other customers.  We hope to achieve three key benefits through our AureaWorks customer community:

1.  Better Support

2.  Product Education

3.  Collaboration with other users


Our Support process has not changed - we still have a separate support portal that we eventually hope to integrate into AureaWorks to create a "one stop shop" for all of your support needs.  But in the meantime, we understand that you are busy and taking the time to create support tickets and wait on responses can be a hassle.  With AureaWorks, we have provided an environment where our customers can self serve by searching for answers to their product questions or leverage the vast supply of training materials.  We are always here for you and happy to receive your call or support case through traditional channels, but we also hope to find more convenient ways for you to engage with us and the broader community.


For Product education, we want to ensure we effectively share the exciting news around planned product innovations.  But we also need to learn from you, our customer.  AureaWorks provides a channel for you to give our team direct feedback on what's important to you to ensure that we integrate your product enhancements into our roadmap.  Furthermore, we intend to share product release information and forward looking product innovation strategy on a regular basis so that you are never left wondering what it is that we are doing behind the scenes.


And finally, AureaWorks is a collaborative community where you have the opportunity to engage with Aurea personnel as well as other customers.  AureaWorks is all about you - our customer - and we want to ensure that we provide the opportunity to engage with other users to learn about how others are leveraging our technology to create value for their own organizations and inspire creativity throughout our installed base.


Aurea understands that you are our most valuable asset and we are continuously exploring ways that we can improve customer experience and find new and creative ways to help you deliver value within your own organizations.  We are excited about the possibilities that this new customer community has to offer and we hope that you share in our enthusiasm.


Welcome to the AureaWorks community!



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