• Connector SE and Exchange Online 365 without Basic Authentication

    I got the following question from a customer. Microsoft announced the End of support for Basic Authentication access to Exchange Online API’s for Office 365 customers. The Customer is using the Connector SE wi...
  • CRM role module - export to xml question

    Dear Community members,   I have a CRM problem to solve on Update 7 version and I would like to ask for your help. I exported the right configuration data from the right module to xml. Separated the file with Ms...
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  • Server side : develop / implement custom channel

    In the developer document CRM.Web_DeveloperGuide_v11.11.pdf  Chapter 4 - Creating Custom Channels is a Note: Note: Previous versions of Aurea CRM Web provided another approach for integrating custom. This app...
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  • iOS 11.3 Contact Containerization for mobile applications

    Hi all,   today I got an interessting question and like to ask the community about your opinion.   With iOS 11.3 apple allows Contact Containerization. This means, that it is possible to seperate private a...
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    created by a.kroemer
  • interface Xing-Event

    For one of our customer projects we need an interface between campaign management and Xing events. Does a partner already have experience here? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Erich
  • Callcenter Solution in Aurea CRM / Using 3CX PBX-System

    Hello Togehter,   on of our customer is asking for a solution to use 3CX as pbx System. In addition they are asking for a callcenter implementation with aurea crm.   Is there anybody who has experience wi...
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    created by jklumpp