• Aurea CRM SDK docs for offline use?

    Is there a chance to get the online SDK for Client/Server from update.CRM SDK Reference for offline use? Thanks ~Bernhard
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  • Aurea CRM und ACM

    Hi,   we have some customers who are currently interested in the combination of Aurea CRM and ACM, first customers who are implementing it.   The interface is currently running without any problems, HTM se...
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    last modified by Martin Ehret
  • Proceed process from button in Special Header

    I've created a custom button with a simple command.     And in my process dispatch I have defined the following step.     Now when I use this button from a normal header everything works as e...
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  • SSO with CRM.Client

    Hi,   we have a customer that is looking into the question whether or not the CRM.Client will be getting the functionality of being able to SSO  in Windows environment for me details you can also have a loo...
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    created by steffendudda
  • CRM 11.9 - phone country code format

    Hello,   On company, the field Phone, the country code is autocompleted depending on the counrty. This is an helpful option, but is anyone knows iof there is a way to delete the "0" on the phone number when a c...
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  • autocomplete="off" for input fields

    I've looked for any hint in the PDF guides and searched for a web configuration parameter in designer, but have found nothing. Chrome (currently the leading browser platform) does not support site-specific autofill se...
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    created by _miki_