We are excited to announce new updates to Platinum Support for 2018. There will be several major improvements - as well as some changes that will make Platinum Support easier for your customers to use and understand.


The key changes and improvements we have made include:


  1. Cloud and On-Premise versions - we’ve created two different Platinum support versions, based on your deployment model. Both versions include all of the enhanced support you expect from Platinum Support, like 24x7 support, access to dedicated customer success representatives, our best SLAs and more; and, now you can take advantage of deployment-specific benefits through Platinum, like managed upgrades for On-Premise, or Cloud Utilization Audits for Cloud.
  2. Dedicated Customer Success Desk - we’ve revamped our premiere customer support approach to deliver a dedicated customer success desk. When you call our 24x7 VIP phone hotline (available only to Platinum customers), you’ll now tap into a dedicated pool of success associates fully trained to respond to your support issues quickly and comprehensively.
  3. New Platinum Capabilities - we’ve added new Platinum benefits to make Platinum even better. New additions include:  preferred access to hotfixes and updates outside major release cycles, cloud utilization audits that alert you to risk of rogue traffic across applications, a revamped customer service desk, new product-specific GDPR Protect services, and more.


Current Platinum Support customers automatically have access to these improvements - and lose no benefits as a result of the creation of two versions based on product deployment model.


For more details on our deployment model  specific services please refer to Platinum Support Guide for Cloud Customers   Platinum Support Guide for On-Premise Customers 


If you have any questions, please contact Aurea Support or your account manager for more information.