Dear customers and partners,


this is a final reminder to apply necessary changes to the ACRM and Campaign Manager (ACM) integration. According to the documentation the ACM Sync Middleware publishes event messages. You can configure multiple instances of CRM.Server to listen to one or more event queues. There are several event queues maintained by the ACM Sync Middleware. The event queues handled by the CRM.Server instance are configured using the <update.PlugIns.Lyris.SyncMiddleware.Consumer> element in the settings.server.xml file for the CRM.Server instance. The <consume> child node contains the name of the event queue the CRM.Server instance listens to.


By April 30 it mandatory to apply the new event queue name format:  <ORGANISATION UID>.VirtualTopic.<EVENT NAME>.   The Organisation UID can be obtained through our support team.


For example


If you need any additional help please reach out to our support team or your professional services representative.