Dear customers,


we are constantly seeking to keep our product quality high and provide frictionless operations for your IT teams and end users alike.

As part of these ongoing efforts we are also following 3rd party vendors' guidance on how to make best use of their products and services.


Hence, as part of our latest release ACRM 2018 (v11) we deprecated a set of MSSQL data types in favor of those recommended by Microsoft.


So, upon the first login to the win module after upgrade the following schema changes will occur:


  • image columns will be converted to varbinary(max)
  • ntext columns will be converted to nvarchar(max)
  • text columns will be converted to varchar(max)


During testing and QA we did not encounter any significant performance issues. However, some customers reported longer waiting times and - seemingly - stalled win modules before the schema changes were successfully applied.


This is mainly due to the fact that these customers had a combination of

  • a high number of (custom) fields using one or more of the the affected data types ()
  • a very high number of records using these fields (e.g. MA)


So, we strongly recommend to not (forcefully) end any win module and, in any case, have a database backup before performing the upgrade.

For any questions or concerns please reach out to our Support Team.


Thank you,


Michael Obermaier