Thank you for joining us here in AureaWorks, I'm excited to continue our conversation about Aurea CRM.


As I mentioned in my Welcome blog, three years ago Aurea acquired the complete Update CRM business (now Aurea CRM) to further its goal of becoming the world market leader around customer experience.


Since then, we established new internal processes and structures while leveraging the benefits of Aurea. Some key milestones:

  • We now have international team structures which support our global CRM projects
  • We've built up an engineering team with much broader knowledge so we can support not just our CRM suite, but also all connected systems
  • We now provide 24/7 support for Platinum customers which is essential for many business-critical CRM solutions
  • We released the Aurea CRM Enterprise Edition version with additional components
  • We opened our CRM suite so we can connect to other products and extend our customer engagement and customer experience capabilities
  • We have made tremendous progress updating the Update source code to ensure that it is technically ready for the next decade


Not all was perfect during this transition period over the last three years. One of the points I often heard from all of you was the need for better information exchange, linking to Aurea CRM experts, German language support, more information about the CRM vision and roadmaps. We listened. To support this goal in the best possible way we created this engagement platform. And we're ready to use this community to build an even deeper relationship with you. Customer Relationship Management - mostly used to optimize internal processes - combined with customer-facing interactions around Customer Engagement to deliver a complete new Customer Experience, is what we do. This is the future of Aurea CRM.


Aurea is one of the fastest-growing enterprise software companies, and CRM is a centerpiece of its product suite. We've created an exciting vision which has led to a concrete Aurea CRM roadmap that we are releasing step-by-step. Stayed tuned for the next installment of my blog where I address the roadmap for Aurea CRM going into 2018.


I welcome any questions or comments, feel free to post them below!