**Note: this is the first blog in a short series where I'll write about the usage of this platform, the things we've achieved in the last year and especially the plan for 2018.**


I'm happy to welcome you to the Aurea CRM community within AureaWorks, our new Customer Engagement platform powered by our latest acquisition product, Jive. This community will help us to exchange information with you, collect feedback, build up a knowledge base and link you to our experts team.


I think most of you know me personally and have been in touch with me over the last few years, but let me take the chance to introduce myself to all others. I was with Update CRM more than 10 years when major shareholders decided to take out their money and Update was offered on the market. Aurea jumped in and acquired the complete Update business - a thrilling and exciting moment three years ago. Aurea was itself a very young company but with an ambitious goal - becoming the world market leader around customer experience. For this goal, solutions around customer data and customer processes were and are strategically bought - and as the centerpiece of customer engagement our Aurea CRM solution.


My vision for the Aurea CRM community is to provide a place where Aurea can exchange information with our customers, collect feedback, build and share a comprehensive knowledgebase on the products, and connect you with experts across our organization and the customer base at large.  


I’m excited about the future of Aurea CRM and encourage all of you to leverage this community as a means of learning, providing input and feedback to tailor this community to meet your needs, and as a way to connect with your peers to leverage the work that they have done to achieve success.  I look forward to robust conversations and the opportunity to extend our reach to a broader audience.


Welcome to the AureaWorks community!




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