• Custom theme templates are not being deleted

    When working on my jive theme, I added the templates/decorator/default/default.ftl template to my list of templates in the admin console and noticed that it messed up the current structure of my theme so I deleted it ...
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  • Jive showing up properties file during action.

    Hi All, I am facing one weird issue with Jive . On click of link I load self submitting action FTL page which calls up another url of application B via java code & seamlessly logins into that application B from J...
  • Override login action in jive 7

    I'm not able to override login action in my plugin's struts.xml   <package name="myplugin-actions" namespace="\" extends="struts-default">         <action name="logi...
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  • How to customise(override) Jive user profile

    I am using jive 6 .When user logged in i will ask him he want to show his status level point or not if he select Yes then we will status level point in his user profile or if select no then we don't want to show him/...
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  • we want to customize global/unauth.ftl through a plugin

    Hi everyone, We need to customize global/unauth.ftl through a plugin where if a user is not a member of a particular permission group then he should be seen a dynamic message instead of the attached one. How can I ac...
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  • Custom form creation in Jive sbs 7

    Hi,   My requirement is to create a custom form in jive. This custom form is exposed to selected people groups to fill and submit and then their profile basic fields along with the proposal form fields should b...
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  • Create a Static Page inside a Plugin

    Hello,   I am trying to create a static stand-alone page inside of a Jive plugin and wire it up with a struts action. All is well until I view the page and I see that our theme is wrapping around the content. Is...
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  • Unable to insert data in to database

    Hi,   I am trying to insert data into database using jive 7 plugin. But in my plugin the DAO class is not calling the method in DAO where I had written the code for inserting the data into DB.   Kindly any...
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  • Guidance on customizing /content sorting options

    Hi Guys,   I am in need of you suggestion/guidance to develop an enhancement in jive where i need to add toggle sorting option over grid header text for /content page so in other words if i click on to ...
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  • Restful web services in Jive7

    Hi,   I am new to Jive . I am working on Jive7. I want to develop widget using restful web services. Could you please help me on this. The older version docs are not helping to me work on it. Thanking in ad...
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  • Open link contributed by UI-Component in Plugin.xml in new tab/window?

    i am working on a plugin that contributes actions to the sidebar via the <components> section of Plugin.xml.  This item contains a link to an extermal application, with parameters supplied by the containing...
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  • Jive 7 plugin i18n properties issue

    We are currently migrating a plugin from Jive 6 to Jive 7 and one issue we're dealing with is the i18n.properties files we use are not being loaded. Thus, all references to our i18n properties within our plugin are on...
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  • Plug in Development

    Hi,   From where exactly the variables it can get for display in ftl files like userName or something else. Could any one suggest on this. Thank you in advance.
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  • Using the osapi in a plugin (ftl)

    Hi, I would like to make use of the osapi (specifically osapi.jive.core.places) inside an ftl used in my plugin. Is this possible? What should I do to include the appropriate scripts?   Thanks
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  • How to call a soy template in my plugin without make use of any ftl

    Hi All, I have the 'hello-worldPage.soy' file in my global theme folder under '/template'   and the content of that soy file is as below   {namespace examples.simple} /** * Greets Hello World by defaul...
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  • How to create a custom URL to mark a discussion as a question by default

    I've seen a few threads asking for the same thing, and after digging around the boards, I found out that there is no out of the box solution for marking a discussion as question by default. Note, this only pertains to...
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  • How can we make tag mandatory in jive 7 for contents

    Hi, I am trying to make tags mandatory in Jive 7 from Discussion/Document/.. Space/Group.. All are soy driven UI. I was thinking of making changes in Soy files itself to make the Tag field mandatory. but i am not b...
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  • More like this in blog post sidebar

    Hi everybody,   I am trying to get the more like this list in the sidebar of my blog posts similar to the sidebar of the discussions where it is showing.   I found this piece of code in /template/forums/th...
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  • Tabs in Admin Console don't get highlighted, Sections won't get displayed

    I am developing a plugin for Jive 7 and run into the following problem.   I add a tab to the admin console and add two sections.          <component id="admin-console"&...
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  • using custom soy templates in freemarker

    Hi all!   I just encountered a weird problem with soy templates in Freemarker. Apparently, if I use <@resource.template file="..." /> to include a soy template, it looks for that filepath inside the WEB-IN...
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