I'm not going to drag this announcement out, as I've been waiting far too long to bring something like this to the Jive Developer community!


What is Jive-Fu?


Jive-Fu is a reference plugin that I have put together with the assistance of some of my fellow Jivers, such as Ryan King, and even some of our community developers, such as LG .  In this plugin, I have taken a stab at wiring together all the files and configurations to help clarify the steps needed to implement a feature in the plugin framework.

Screen Shot 2012-03-29 at 1.26.22 PM.png

Goal: Illustrate connectivity between elements of the plugin framework.  It is functional for educational purposes; however,



Where can I get Jive-Fu?


jivesoftware/jive-fu-plugin · GitHub

Note:  This plugin is currently built for Jive 5.0.2.x.


This plugin hasn't been fully tested (yet), there are most certainly bugs as a result of me bringing examples from the various sources; however, the patterns and connectivity are sound between the required elements in the plugin framework.  I hope to have the plugin fully vetted in the coming months, but even in its current state, I believe it is extremely valuable.


Here are a list of some of the initial implementations that are provided in this first installment,

  • Struts2
    • Actions
    • URLMappers
    • Filters
    • Interceptors
    • Converters
  • DWR
  • Web Services - CXF/Spring
    • JAX-WS (SOAP)
    • JAX-RS (REST)
  • DAO - Spring JDBC Templates
  • Jive Features
    • Custom Content-Type (that's right I said it)
    • Macros
    • Widgets
    • Filters
    • Interceptors (courtest of LG .)
    • Listeners
    • ActionLink in UserBar
    • ActionLink in Tab (coming eventually, need to merge How to: Add a Tab to a Place into the plugin)
    • Upgrade Framework


Stay Tuned for more updates on the Jive-Fu front.  In the mean time, give it a look and feel free to share your thoughts and updates if you are so inclined.