• is it possble to pull a list of the space owners

    Hi Developers,   We are currently auditing our spaces, as some of them are quite inactive (over 500 spaces ), we would like to email those space owners to tell them their space will be removed if there is no obj...
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  • Can I develop a solution without a JIVE installation?

    Hi All,   Newbie here.   I would like to develop a series of course-type content pages for a client.   Does Jive provide a developer version I can use to test integration and 'devlop' on or do we nee...
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  • Integrate Tableau with Jive analytics

    Hi All,   We are looking for some understanding on following: Is it possible to integrate Tableau with Jive analytics (CMR.CES)? If yes, are there any documentation available?   Any suggestions would be...
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  • Hosting static website on AWS and serving through Jive Add On?

    We are attempting to switch over the way we store and serve our add-ons to AWS. We've using Jive Hosted add ons up until this point.   My theory on how this would work would be to: 1. Create an app with 'jive...
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  • How can we maintain versioning for our tiles?

    Hello,   We have faced a lot of issues with our custom tile where the tile versions keep downgrading itself or the tile disappears from our production and sandbox. We are currently on cloud instance 2016.3.10 a...
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  • Posting data to a custom tile

    What is the best way to post data into a custom view tile? We would like to read data from one cloud platform and visualize the content within Jive.
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  • java script in jive page.

    Hi All,   I am working on salesforce live agent integration with Jive. so what i want is i would like to add my piece of JAVA SCRIPT code that is given by salesforce in my Jive page, for this i am adding that co...
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  • How to include header and footer on Email Digest (Jive Cloud)

    I see the following instructions on the message template customization screen for this email: "To include the email header and footer template you can add the system property jive.digest.includeHeaderAndFooter with ...
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  • Checkpoints?

    Can checkpoints be deleted?
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  • How to search for people based on specific tag(skill) using the api?

    I'm trying to develop a search feature for a custom tile that will take a search query and return a list of users who's skills (or tags as they are logged in the api) match. I can see here : Jive REST API v3.14 &rar...
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  • Custom theme boilerplate example

    Custom theme boilerplate.  Uses NPM, Gulp, Bower, and SCSS preprocessor. 
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  • While creating Document, what is the action class invoked before DocumentAction class is invoked

    Hi All,   I have a requirement and below is the scenario before creating a Document.   Make an external api call once "Publish" button clicked(as of now i have implemented in CreateDocumentStrategy). (if ...
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  • Use Rest API to get user security groups to display additional sections of a custom Add On based on group?

    I want to be able to target each user's security groups to check if they are in a particular group in order to display an additional section of our Add On. Is this possible? I was reading the API and I am confused on ...
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  • Any easy way to clear External ID using Javascript rest API?

    Hey community,   We're looking and standardizing SAM at our company which is long overdue. However we used that field as the username component in JIVE and that ties to the External ID. Updating the usernames ca...
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    created by aperrotte
  • filter videos with tag in jive api

    Hello Jive Community,   I am looking into the jive api and found a way to grab all videos from our api. But i need to filter these by tags and grab the meta source code to embed in our video player.   How ...
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  • Project LiveStream: Custom View Tile & Simple Stream Integration w/App

    GitHub Repos: Data Flow: Custom View Tile (Middlewared) Simple Stream Integration w/ App (non-Middleware) Extra Considerations Initial Setup Requirements   Intro To start a new initi...
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  • HTML widgets broken in

    Hi Jive experts,   Since we upgraded our Jive UAT instance to, HTML widgets in overview pages are no longer showing.   A simple <h1>Hello</h1> works fine. Adding a <style> tag wor...
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  • How to Uninstall a Backport

    If a backport causes issues, how do I uninstall?
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  • Unable to view Idea object in Jive version Jive SBS

    HI Team:   We are unable to see the Idea object in Jive version
  • create an international stock ticker

    I am working on creating a stock ticker with daily currency. Yahoo finance api is no longer working so I have been trying various methods such as the alpha vantage api and trying to find stock ticker widgets. Since th...
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