• Downlpad contents from binstore using REST API /Scripts

    Hello,   As per my understanding, once a file is uploaded in jive that is stored into the binstore and then files are classified by upload type, image, document,blog, discussion attachment, and/or etc (or  ...
  • Trying to hyperlink pictures within formatted text- or create drop down box

    Hi, I’m trying to hyperlink some images on my overview page to lead me to another page, however when I enter the link within the formatted text widget nothing happens. Instead the picture just enlarges when I pu...
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  • Getting a list of document's from communities.

    Hi All!,       New here! I am working on this via PHP and using postman for testing. I am trying to determine the most efficient way to pull information for documents. Essentially I am trying to create...
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  • How can we read blog post using REST api and C#?

    I want read blog post,comments etc and display using C# and REST api? Is it possible to this in JIVE? There is a issue marked about reading content using REST api for ADFS accounts.   Experts ,Please suggest i...
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  • Jive in Docker Containers

    Dear all,   where do I start when I want to dockerize a custom Jive application? The container should contain a complete Jive environment that is needed for development and test purposes, and I like to build th...
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  • App Action Contribution Reference

    When creating a Jive App, you may want to wire up some aspect of its functionality to an action from one of many locations within the Jive UI. This can be done using "app actions". With app actions, you can wire up yo...
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  • Content images not fetched by v3 content API for discussions and questions

    Hi Team Jens GoldhammerGopi Gorantala   The v3 API for contents below seems to fetch the content images for other content types but does not fetch for the types discussion even though content images is specified...
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  • How to download the links present on a overview page of a place

    Hi All, I am looking for a solution to capture all the links present in a formatted text widget within a place. Currently , I am navigating to each  place then copying the link in excel manually. It will be a g...
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  • Size limit for custom add-ons on Cloud instances?

    Couldn't really find an answer to this question. Are there any file size restrictions for custom add ons?   I remember about a year ago we had a 'File Size exceeds limit' error when we were uploading an add on b...
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    created by james1.hicks
  • Any Experience "Deep Linking" into a Jive Add-on from another Jive Add-on?

    Not sure if "deep linking" is the correct term here.   I have 2 add ons. 1. A custom Home Page that we've created to pull in a custom news feed, and some other communication/resource UI. 2.A 'youtube' like add o...
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  • Customised homepage examples for jive-n on the cloud?

    Hi everyone,   Jive-n lets you make changes to the homepage using tiles. On premise you're able to further customize things. But when it comes to the cloud version there seem to be some limitations. It would b...
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  • Can we create a custom content type in Jive Cloud?

    I've poked around a bit in the various available (and scattered) developer resources and haven't found what I'm looking for, so I suspect it's not possible at all.  But I'm asking just in case:   Is there a...
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  • How to get Analytics in custom Add-On Jive Cloud?

    I asked a similar question a few months ago about using google analytics in Jive Cloud. I had meant to ask about using it in custom Jive Hosted Add Ons/Apps.   With Google Analytics, it seems you need to know th...
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  • is it possble to pull a list of the space owners

    Hi Developers,   We are currently auditing our spaces, as some of them are quite inactive (over 500 spaces ), we would like to email those space owners to tell them their space will be removed if there is no obj...
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  • Can I develop a solution without a JIVE installation?

    Hi All,   Newbie here.   I would like to develop a series of course-type content pages for a client.   Does Jive provide a developer version I can use to test integration and 'devlop' on or do we nee...
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  • Integrate Tableau with Jive analytics

    Hi All,   We are looking for some understanding on following: Is it possible to integrate Tableau with Jive analytics (CMR.CES)? If yes, are there any documentation available?   Any suggestions would be...
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  • Hosting static website on AWS and serving through Jive Add On?

    We are attempting to switch over the way we store and serve our add-ons to AWS. We've using Jive Hosted add ons up until this point.   My theory on how this would work would be to: 1. Create an app with 'jive...
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  • How can we maintain versioning for our tiles?

    Hello,   We have faced a lot of issues with our custom tile where the tile versions keep downgrading itself or the tile disappears from our production and sandbox. We are currently on cloud instance 2016.3.10 a...
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  • Posting data to a custom tile

    What is the best way to post data into a custom view tile? We would like to read data from one cloud platform and visualize the content within Jive.
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  • java script in jive page.

    Hi All,   I am working on salesforce live agent integration with Jive. so what i want is i would like to add my piece of JAVA SCRIPT code that is given by salesforce in my Jive page, for this i am adding that co...
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